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StarCraft: Promethean Campaign

2008-02-24 15:58:48 by LogFish


It has been a long time since I've had much of an output, however I've finally finished something - the Promethean Prologue Campaign! This is a 9 mission full voiced, briefed campaign, telling the story of the Promethean group - the campaign ends were StarCraft: Reconnoiter begins. I know it's not Flash, but I take it most of my fans are StarCraft fans so this might be of interest! Check it out!


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2008-02-24 17:31:36

I'll check it out, thanks ^^


2008-06-01 13:26:11

Sweet, downloading the maps right now. So will there be no more starcraft flashes from you? I was really looking forward to more... :)

Please at least tell me you're saving yourself for SC2... ^^


2008-06-01 14:28:18

FUCK with 15 seconds to go I lost that girl whatever her name was, on the second level.. ghuhrguhesueirghshgksjhfgkserguishetg ishgikseg


2008-07-25 13:15:37

What happened to the Starcraft videos??????????????


2008-12-10 08:43:50

darn this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it wont work on my computer


2008-12-30 16:12:17

i've been wondering this for a while, whatever happened to the blue marine in the zantaboan saga?


2009-01-22 16:05:22

Out of curiosity, what the heck have you been doing for the past 2 years?


2009-08-19 02:35:56

It said the link was broken :/.

Maybe if the link was up in text instead o.O


2011-01-01 10:44:14

I was really interested in knowing what the song from the begining of Starcraft:the return was? It has a really good rave feel

its from the part where they are trying to sneak past the carrier in the dropship and they use the SUPERCHARGER.


2011-08-23 03:25:03

What happened to your website?!