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Stunning effort

Great job with the music, motion, effects, everything - the only thing that urked me a little was the Scourge sound effects (or was it Scrouge?) - but then again I'm quite a StarCraft fan heh. Hydralisk was fine, but I just couldn't see how a weedy little bat-thing could equate to a zombie sound. I like how you put a bit of a plot into it, and the chicken-dude did amuse - well done, well earned award!

A pre=work review

Hey dude -

Nice movie! Nice work with the 3D - personally I would've cheated a lot more and had less of it in there, but I'm all about compression heh. What was in there was great. I didn't notice the stars being out of sync with the action like the other guy said, apart from that initial shot with the enemy ship. Plus it's bloody difficult to do!

Laser effects were wicked - for when they connect with ships - depending on what effect you want there, you might want to remove the 'splash' when they connect with the enemy, unless they are plasma or something, I think it's more dramatic if they slice into the hull rather than splatter. (and less work!)

Yea, there's nothing wrong with the action sequence itself - however i think another layer of SFX and in-battle chatter would help to know what's going on. You start with your pilots dialouge to himself, and he sounds like he'd trash-talk whilst fighting, but it's completely silent. On from that you should definately put some of the character in otherwise you can't connect with it at all - it's just pretty. Like, just before he does that spinning manouver, there should be a shot of him saying 'lets see how you handle this' and yanking the stick or something like that.

Quite liked the ship, reminded me of my F18! The swearing did too, I stopped swearing for my SC episodes as it is kinda pointless, and people ripped me to shreds about pointless swearing.

I also thought that damage readout at the end was pretty pointless. Adds nothing to the plot, and the ship fixes itself as quickly as you read what was wrong with it - might've been more effectual if we were actually in the cockpit with the pilot hearing the warning bells, maybe seeing the fixy robot / whatever he does to fix it - but since it has no baring on anything it just kinda ends the clip in a lull rather than an intense action funfare.

Great work, keep at it - the biggest things I'd work on would be character development. I'd also probably make the episodes longer / have something significant happen in each one, this felt like a teaser. Must go to work now heh hopefully that's useful - it really is a great peice of work!

DutchinLive responds:

:D Great to hear from you, the nose cam was a direct homage to 'Air Skirmish', heh, glad you wrote a review! I'm taking it all onboard for my next submission! The splash effect was really there only due to poor planning, not realising what I had done was going to screw me over in future-half completed scenes where changing the layout of the ships to provide effective-looking damage.

I won't be removing the swearing though, I know I may receive some criticism, but It's gonna be an adult series with adult characters and realistic adult language, in other words, the language used will be based on the character.

Anyway man, good to hear from you again, don't be a stranger now! Submit some new cool stuff!

I'm jealous

How come none of mine get daily feature! ROAR! Haha.

Nice to see some more StarCraft Flash being made - although I was expecting more from this, in terms of something happening. The lag is a problem, cut some of your alphas out and replace with gradient fills if you really need to - making everyone watch it in low-quality makes your graphics look worse, it's pretty stink. (lousy browsers only dedicating so much to flash windows!)

Loved the voices, of the High Templar in particular - watch your accuracy if you want to do really well, like the 'Zergs' thing (the plural of Zerg is Zerg) - run it past a few SC hard-cores before hitting NG with it.

Quite liked the blur effects, most noticeably on the bunker bit.

But I rate things not on graphics but something actually happening, and this is a trailer dude! I hope you continue - (although it might pay to steer clear of Blizzards storylines, because SC2'll probably do something different and it'll make your movie irrelevant and dated)

Congratulations on the award!

TheQookieMonster responds:

Thank you sir , Im a fan of your work! Great series it was.

I've send you an NG Email. Check it out. ^^

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Neat Idea

Cool, I like the idea!

my only thought would be to put a little bit of buildup on the ball direction - I like things to kinda amp up to flat-nacker rather than going full speed ahead no matter what. Obviously in this instance it'd have to be a really quick amp-ing, but I think it'd add another level.


Nice execution

I like it, it's cool. Man if I coded that it'd run like a sack of crap filled with copious numbers of if statements so I can only say, radcore, I'm jealous of your ability to make something like that run so smoothly.

That said it's the same old thing - I think what would lift the game is to either a. make it more like missile defence and have slower moving projectiles, meteors from outer space and you're firing rockets or something (which has also been done I guess) - or rather have rockets coming at you that can take some serious hits - give the enemy some meat to hit, not just a string but a plane body or something, and make the bullets just bullets with no explosion radius, and able to hit no matter where you click (ie they don't explode where you clicked, just fire off in that direction) - I'd personally get off big time with some of that rapid fire scripting you've done if it was more machine-gunny. Add some background burning cityscape or something, more german planes, make the defence look like WW2 AA guns and you've got yourself a real winner!

That or just do nothing - you seem happy with it, and it's pretty cool so well done :)

If you do take my opinion to heart and make that machine-gunning kind of defence out of this, feel free to PM me I'll be gagging to give it a go!

not so good

I liked your initial effort 'na - i'm gonna fuck up your house' and then proceeding to do shit to the house, that was good. But then you got to this lame (soundless) shooting thing which was crap, and the end was crap. The idea had potential but you went too far with the lame ultra violence. That wasn't even the cutest cat picture by far - just put more work in next time and you'll do better. stretching the middle bit out more would've been good, but no.

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Well I'm judging out of my arse, this is the first audio submission I've listened to! However I'm impressed with the professionalism, I'm checking out your other submissions as I type (dialup..) - I'm looking for music for my next flash movie. Quite liking your effort here, great work! Might put some on my mp3 player, my lineup in the car is getting a bit old!

Rave4Yourself responds:

Thanks man! Hope you do put it on teh mp3 player. Spread the word about my music! lol.

anywho, yeah, some of my other tracks, sadly, are not as good as this one.

Later man, stay fab, lol.

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