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Great actionscripting, I love how rapidly you can fire and that it doesn't slow anything down, and that the bullets actually impact on the enemies rather than just disapearing etc.

I think you should either work on the artwork yourself or find a good flash artist to do some ships, meteors and things for you because what could make this way better is not using triangles.


I can't beleive everyone's kept reviewing 'it's not a game!' - who cares! I love your animation, it's excellent, Bush is really well done (and damn how funny is that last dancing Bush!) The music is cool, the whole thing is really well done - good stuff. Saddam was awesome too, heh - that 'Hey Saddam, guesswho i am' was great!


This is a nice bit of actionscripting right here, that little follow - thingy is a cool feature.
Good stuff!

Armegalo responds:

Thank you dude! It's good to see that you liked it.


Pretty illegible - perhaps using a - instead of an =, I don't know if that is intentional or not; personally all leet speak just pisses me off.
But this is a nice peice of actionscripting, it's really cool, good stuff!

This is grrreat!

I love the music, it suits so well! The only thing I think would be cool is that when you're past the bin, when you die u start from just after the bin etc, so you don't have to start all the way from the start everytime. Keep it up this is halarious! 'this box was cursed by a gypsy' - wtf!? :)

Not so good

I don't think this is a very good tutorial at all; like mklijnstra said hiding the mouse then not showing it afterwards really shows a lack of effort on the authors part. Also the code for the clip could have been done in a copyable text box instead of writing 'copy this'. And the text is too hard to read, half the time it goes uncomfortably close to the sides so it is not good to read. That and you probably copied the tutorial that comes with Flash in a half-assed fashion.
By all means do more tutorials but make sure you know what the hell you're doing before you do it - and do something more useful, like randomly placing duplicated movie clips or something.

MediaCore responds:

First off thank you for your input, all of you. I did not copy the pre-made flash one, and simply Edited it. I was curious how to make it, so I asked my friend (The man who created Nazi Assault) and he told me. So I thought that "noobs" like me, should have a tutorial. I know that the mouse dissapears and it was my first time using the cursor. And could you tell me how to make the text copyable? I will revise this, If i tdoesn't get deleted before, when I know how to make the mouse come back and the text copyable. So thank you


This is pretty nice, aside from the characters floating across the floor before you start flying, it is really quite a feat of Actionscript :) Nice fluent movement etc, even has AI - I envy the AS skills! Keep it up, this game will kick ass when it is done!

I'm not putting my lips on that.

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