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Posted by LogFish - February 24th, 2008


It has been a long time since I've had much of an output, however I've finally finished something - the Promethean Prologue Campaign! This is a 9 mission full voiced, briefed campaign, telling the story of the Promethean group - the campaign ends were StarCraft: Reconnoiter begins. I know it's not Flash, but I take it most of my fans are StarCraft fans so this might be of interest! Check it out!


Posted by LogFish - October 16th, 2007

Well Principled Depravity went down much better than I expected, which is excellent! After completing that I have been idle for some considerable time, it's been more than a year now since my last StarCraft animation - but perhaps it'll be less than a year before the next one! I've been working quite hard the last week or two on my new StarCraft series which will feature StarCraft II stuff, and the better models, animation and sound effects I expect from myself now.

What of the last episode of the Zantaboan Saga? Well... I'll do it eventually, probably. I've got it written out, it's ready to rock and roll. But there's no future in it, and I can't build with those models anymore, they're balls. It was a great learning experience making that series and I really do wish to finish it, but to finish it would take time from my new projects! I want to make a series that doesn't get spectacularly better as the episodes go along - I want a greater level of professionalism, and the Zantaboan Saga will never have that, even if I sunk my heart and soul into that last episode, the first'd still be cringe-worthy. So I'm redirecting myself into something I still have passion for, and that's got me animating again - so so be it.

I apologise, I know it lets people down - but yes. I'll be doing this and more episodes of Principled Depravity before I go back to the Zantaboan Saga, if at all. Maybe I'll just write the script up nicer and have it as a fanfiction or online cartoon strip or something heh - what a cop-out!

Attached is a wee teaser image for my new StarCraft series, Sector V.

The current state of things

Posted by LogFish - August 6th, 2007

I've been idle for a long time I know - but I've finally got my ass into gear and have posted a new movie, Principled Depravity Ep 1!

Go watch it!

As always reviews are appreciated and useful tips / suggestions are noted and acted upon - cheers!


Edit - it got daily 3rd and frontpage! AWESOME!

Work in progress at the moment is my StarCraft Zantaboan Saga again - I'm rebuilding models for the big finale, it's gonna be sweet - couple of model previews and crap like that on my site if you're absolutely DYING to see it, http://www.logamation.com