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Dawn of the Madness Dawn of the Madness

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Stunning effort

Great job with the music, motion, effects, everything - the only thing that urked me a little was the Scourge sound effects (or was it Scrouge?) - but then again I'm quite a StarCraft fan heh. Hydralisk was fine, but I just couldn't see how a weedy little bat-thing could equate to a zombie sound. I like how you put a bit of a plot into it, and the chicken-dude did amuse - well done, well earned award!

Zionic Eclipse Zionic Eclipse

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A pre=work review

Hey dude -

Nice movie! Nice work with the 3D - personally I would've cheated a lot more and had less of it in there, but I'm all about compression heh. What was in there was great. I didn't notice the stars being out of sync with the action like the other guy said, apart from that initial shot with the enemy ship. Plus it's bloody difficult to do!

Laser effects were wicked - for when they connect with ships - depending on what effect you want there, you might want to remove the 'splash' when they connect with the enemy, unless they are plasma or something, I think it's more dramatic if they slice into the hull rather than splatter. (and less work!)

Yea, there's nothing wrong with the action sequence itself - however i think another layer of SFX and in-battle chatter would help to know what's going on. You start with your pilots dialouge to himself, and he sounds like he'd trash-talk whilst fighting, but it's completely silent. On from that you should definately put some of the character in otherwise you can't connect with it at all - it's just pretty. Like, just before he does that spinning manouver, there should be a shot of him saying 'lets see how you handle this' and yanking the stick or something like that.

Quite liked the ship, reminded me of my F18! The swearing did too, I stopped swearing for my SC episodes as it is kinda pointless, and people ripped me to shreds about pointless swearing.

I also thought that damage readout at the end was pretty pointless. Adds nothing to the plot, and the ship fixes itself as quickly as you read what was wrong with it - might've been more effectual if we were actually in the cockpit with the pilot hearing the warning bells, maybe seeing the fixy robot / whatever he does to fix it - but since it has no baring on anything it just kinda ends the clip in a lull rather than an intense action funfare.

Great work, keep at it - the biggest things I'd work on would be character development. I'd also probably make the episodes longer / have something significant happen in each one, this felt like a teaser. Must go to work now heh hopefully that's useful - it really is a great peice of work!

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DutchinLive responds:

:D Great to hear from you, the nose cam was a direct homage to 'Air Skirmish', heh, glad you wrote a review! I'm taking it all onboard for my next submission! The splash effect was really there only due to poor planning, not realising what I had done was going to screw me over in future-half completed scenes where changing the layout of the ships to provide effective-looking damage.

I won't be removing the swearing though, I know I may receive some criticism, but It's gonna be an adult series with adult characters and realistic adult language, in other words, the language used will be based on the character.

Anyway man, good to hear from you again, don't be a stranger now! Submit some new cool stuff!

Starcraft II Starcraft II

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I'm jealous

How come none of mine get daily feature! ROAR! Haha.

Nice to see some more StarCraft Flash being made - although I was expecting more from this, in terms of something happening. The lag is a problem, cut some of your alphas out and replace with gradient fills if you really need to - making everyone watch it in low-quality makes your graphics look worse, it's pretty stink. (lousy browsers only dedicating so much to flash windows!)

Loved the voices, of the High Templar in particular - watch your accuracy if you want to do really well, like the 'Zergs' thing (the plural of Zerg is Zerg) - run it past a few SC hard-cores before hitting NG with it.

Quite liked the blur effects, most noticeably on the bunker bit.

But I rate things not on graphics but something actually happening, and this is a trailer dude! I hope you continue - (although it might pay to steer clear of Blizzards storylines, because SC2'll probably do something different and it'll make your movie irrelevant and dated)

Congratulations on the award!

TheQookieMonster responds:

Thank you sir , Im a fan of your work! Great series it was.

I've send you an NG Email. Check it out. ^^

Desolation Episode 1 Desolation Episode 1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Real Potential

I know this has it's origin in 2004, but perhaps you'll read this eventually. You've got such talent here! It's a little slow and you don't deliver anything, a place like NG demands something happen - on a personal website a cliffhanger like that can stand up, but not in a 'everything for itself' portal like this. So you need to have had something happen, like just sit on it a bit longer and have done that next segment, then leave it on the 2nd cliffhanger.

Looks like you're a programmer too - if you've lost sight of flash these last years, have a think about coming back to it as a hobby - this shows real promise, kinda stink to see it not developed.

Most series go unloved until there's actually 3-4 behind them, so you've just got to have some perserverance getting it off the ground.

Madness Xmas Special 2 Madness Xmas Special 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Submitting things twice

It's poor form to submit it twice - I watched it again expecting a different ending or something, but you hadn't even fixed the errors like his hand going under one of those poles just as he's leaving the main chamber.

Maybe I should re-submit my things that didn't score the first time, up against Xombie and things - no, wait, that's lame. Luck of the draw.

Under Judgement Under Judgement

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Well done

Congratuations on getting all the awards for this movie today - must've pumped your nads! I see it's in a collection too, which means it's really going to be seen - it's one thing to get into the portal, but even then after 24 hours it's off the radar screen.

Of course, most stuff doesn't get in because it's pure crap. Put the work in and you'll reap the rewards!

The low score is because the tweens are crap, there is no SFX and I would've done the cuts differently, I think it's a bit ammaturish, and the idea has already been done (and if it's been done, I have little patience for someone doing it again, except worse). So keep working on your skills - I would suggest if you use a Flash file again using a shape tween on the body and having the 'F' on it another symbol above it, and shape-tween the bottom so it can walk on its little legs n stuff. Your main character was one object which is not particularly complex nor engaging.

So well done again - keep at it!

Primal War 10 Primal War 10

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

What's is your motivation?

I always watch your flash movies, I'm interested in what you're doing. I just don't see where your motivation is however - everyone says time and time again your sound needs work, and every time you take little baby steps in the right direction - this one had great SFX but they were completely ruined by the voices! If you want to step up and be one of the greats, you've got the graphical skill and perserverance to do it - you just need to get something from these NG reviews. Sure they're not all written kindly but they've got valid points. For your future work I would seriously work on your voices - just use people talking!

If you wanted more fans I would also suggest replying to some reviews, putting in proper loading and exit screens (yours are invariably halfassed and always have been), having friendly author comments etc. You just don't seem to care - if you don't, that's cool - if you do, show it. With the skill you've got there's got to be a reason your movies aren't scoring as high as they could be and achieving the front-page they could well warrant - you've got to attend to fans and the like.

Yes anyway so you're on the right track - personally I don't feel your episodes have enough happening in them, but then I've had that gripe with every flash movie (that isn't mine, heh) - other than that, keep smoothing those animations out (if your woman walking had polished movement it would've been hot - as it was it looked like jelly. I saw the wiggle but it didn't work because the lines were everywhere). The SFX are great it's just the voices.

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SC:PT Remakeded SC:PT Remakeded

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty cute

Not a bad wee movie - pretty stink of your teachers to not accept it - although it's true, flash ISNT stop motion, stop motion takes much more work. But get with the times teachers! heh. Loved your C&C movie too by the by, I still remember your username and it's connection to a movie, not many people I do that with.

I'd work on the special effects in future movies - put an alpha on the laser beams and things so they're not so solid and they'll look more real. It's a cute style, well done!

NightShadowTWO responds:

im honored to be remembered in such a way. i wonder if the guy who stole my aforementioned C&C movie is still around. will check.

ah okay, alpha, got it, thanks =)

Diablo - Lord of Terror Diablo - Lord of Terror

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Great to see other people playing with Blizzards game worlds! This flash is fantastic, great effects, absolutely amazing graphics - must've taken you forever for the tiniest bits of animation in places - but well worth it with this finished product. I especially liked their hands opening the seal, that was well done, as were them getting beaten around. I'll definately be watching the next one when you get it done. I read only a few of the other reviews and I see some of them are kinda 'great, but paladins don't usually use axes' etc. - ignore that shit, fuck I hate people. Don't let it sour what an accomplishment and stunning peice of flashery this is!

vorxs7 responds:

There just aren't enough Blizzard flashes out there! Love your Starcraft series and Thanks alot

Steve Irwin: Croc Heaven Steve Irwin: Croc Heaven

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very good

I was hoping someone with some talent would do something, not just these pathetic slideshows thrown together in 4 minutes which aren't deserving! This was the kinda thing I was hoping for, so nicely done for doing it! That said it's kinda shallow, he was all about the environment and family and things too - it'd be really difficult to do a completely fitting effort though, so well done for getting the jist of something. Don't get me wrong, it's good and I'm glad you did it. I guess it's more the mourning of a celebrity with this, whereas I was thinking more, the death of a man - so it is fine, I'll amp my score up heh. What a great ramble.